About Us

Hi there,

Welcome to my website. I hope my content has helped you with your home remodel project – which is what I specialize in.

I come from Arlington, Tarrant County, TX, a place where I grew up spending most of my time with my dad. He was a constructor, and I learned most of my skills and trade from him.

Apart from being his helping hand on construction sites whenever I was away from school, we occasionally worked on our own DIY home remodel projects – from replacing tiles in bathrooms, renovating our house from one room to another, ceiling installations, patio, and deck building…the list goes on.


My name is Bob Miller. I run a construction company with my friend Cornell, called Bob Cornell Construction.

On this website, I passionately write about tips and guides on various house building and finishing stages, commonly solving problems that you may have with your remodel and finishing project.

Feel free to reach out to me in case you have any questions.